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Each ‘Picture Special training diary comes with  the same great features as our regular diary:


The ‘Picture Special’ Diary comes with a picture on the cover of your choice making it the perfect gift for yourself(!) or athlete or exerciser in your life!

Yes we can put your picture - logo - text of your choice on the cover. Keep yourself inspired on your next year’s sporting journey!

Some ideas….

    * You in your favorite sporting moment.

    * Your kids.

    * Your partner, husband, wife in their athletic moment.

    * A picture of a top pro doing their thing!

    * A montage that you have put together yourself.

    * Your main rival!

    * In fact there’s no limit really!

What Now?

To order your copy of

The ‘Picture Special’ Training Diary

with the picture of your choice on the cover

The price shown is in NZ$ and includes all delivery charges. Make sure you pick the correct location button!

Once you have ordered detailed instructions for your cover design will be e-mailed to you.

We will not make up your diary until you have seen a pdf of the cover and ok’d it.

Your diary will then be produced and on it’s way to you.

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‘Picture Special’ Training Diaries from KinEli

Personalise your training diary with your picture and or design on the cover of any of our diaries.  not only can you choose one of our regular diaries  we can also offer you a training diary with a difference, our unique .......‘Picture Special’ Diary Range, Yes you can get the same great training diary which is personalised with your picture of choice on the cover. See below for more details…..